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Port City
By SiStar Tea


Three girlfriends come up during junior high through adult hood. They have bumps in the friendship but they hold fast thanks to one’s older brother Alonzo “Zo” Simmons. It’s a story of three the hard way and during their H.S. years, they pick up a fourth girl to complete the bond of sisterhood.

First up is Lisa Simmons she is the “leader” of the group being a year older then her two best friends Stephanie & Tina. Lisa is also the younger sister of Zo, the local street pharmacist, who has the game on lock and runs a tight ship. Lisa and her friends are into the boosting thing. Lisa steals her merchandise to create who she is and to stay on top of the fashion game.

Next, we have Stephanie Nelson who is the product of her environment. She is also in the boosting thing, only she does it to impress Lisa. She resides in the notorious Bayside Manor Projects and is a down for whatever chick. Stephanie has her girls back though thick and thin. Her story in the book is a very interesting one.

To complete the three the hard way is Tina Richards. Her claim to fame into the boosting is to impress her current love interest. She is gullible – a little on the naïve side. She too has her girls back though thick and thin. She has a smart mouth and says what comes to her mind without thinking first which made for a lot of funny scenes involving her.

Last we meet Nicole Raye. It’s interesting how the author Alfred Adams brings this character into play. When these girls do meet up at a club scene they hit it off and their clique is complete. Nicole is a little on the stuck up side. She resides on the other side of town in influent part of town but loves to hang in the hood. She has a rep due to her uncles being Chris Raye ‘the one time drug kingpin”, and Mike Raye “the alleged cop killer” were both street legends!!!!

Author Alfred Adams Jr does a great job pulling this story together. He kept me wanting to read more of this story of sisterhood, drug dealing, backstabbing, lying stealing – hell I wanted to go out on a boosting crime spree, lol. This book covers it all from the snitches to the true sisterly love these girls have for one another. The Character Zo does a great job in pulling them into his world and putting an all girl female team together. This book is good to the last drop. Some twist and turns have you, like ‘damn I didn’t see that coming’. The ending was great and no I am not telling, pick up the book and read it for your self. All the characters have a need to be there. No useless characters just taking up space. My favorite was Suge he was a trip and solider at heart.

The biggest disappointment with this book is the editing which made it hard to understand what the author was trying to convey. Some mistakes had me doing double takes to understand what he meant. Editing aside, this book was on point and showed the other side of the game.

SiStar Tea
ARC Book Club Inc.
4 star rating

Port City 4 Star Rating
My Brothers Keeper
You will not be able to put the book down

Excellent book, I met the author on Jamaica Ave. in New York City. Never heard of the author prior to that and I thought hey ill give it a try. Man oh man was I not disappointed; you will not be able to put the book down. This book will touch your heart and you will always keep something from the book. Excellent gifted writer.

Allah Bless


My Brothers Keeper5 Star Review
My Brothers Keeper

Excellent book good for any teenager to read or adult

By Regina Hudson on June 4, 2007
My Brothers Keeper5 Star ReviewMax Mobilcom
No Fair Exchange

Author Alfred Adams Jr. brings us part 2 of the down south trilogy. I will be the 1st to admit he has done us proud as this book is a stand alone book and a very different part 2. (Meaning this book is interchangeable with its predecessor Port City.) What a great job Alfred does, at being able to pull this off! This book takes a look inside the prison system. Most of the plot takes place in the infamous Central Correctional Institution, located in York, S.C. We visit the lives of Darnell Jones, Kevin Champaign, and Monique Hampton, the major characters.

1st to bat is Darnell Jones. Darnell is a sexy correctional officer standing 6’2, wavy hair perfect white teeth, dark brown complexion and a swagger that makes him irresistible to the ladies. Born and raised in Bronx, NYC gives him an additional edge as we all know southern woman love them some New York Men. Follow this story and see how far his sex appeal gets him.

Next up is sexy Monique Hampton. She is so sexy that openly gay character Tutti questions his sexuality on more then one occasion after dealing with her on business. Residing in Charlotte, N.C. Monique decides to take the state corrections officer test in South Carolina, which is only 20 minutes away from her house. She and her best friend, Denise Brown takes the test. These two are so close’ they are hardly referred to as individuals. Follow the story along and see how Monique adds a lot of flavor to the tale along with Dee who is a minor in the story.

Last up is my favorite character Kevin Champaign, known throughout the New York state Prison system but also all up and down the east coast prison system as Champaign. Born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY raised in Lafayette Gardens projects, he was residing in Charleston, S.C aka Port City when he caught his present bid. He was extradited to New York to face murder charges. When he is acquitted, he gets extradited back to S.C. This is where his story starts out. Champaign is a very smart man and makes moves that keep him under the radar of the prison system. I was so captivated by the way he works. Champaign could write a book how not to get caught he was that good. I loved his swagger and his style. The way he dealt with people was amazing to say the least. Check out his story, you won’t be disappointed.

I was not disappointed in this book to say the least. Regarding editing, though there were little issues it is much better then its predecessor. This book had a great story line with a lot of twists and unexpected turns. While this book is a stand-alone book, it does refer to Port City. Alfred sums up the link between the two very well. Great work! I am patiently waiting for part 3 Port City the final chapter.

SiStar Tea
ARC Book Club Inc.
4.5 star rating

No Fair Exchange4.5 Star Rating